Meet Your Accountant: Dusty!

Meet Your Accountant: Dusty


Whether you know him as "Dustin" or "Dusty," you know him as a hard-working Upsourced team member. He answered some of our favorite questions below. Read on to get to know your accountant, Dusty!

Job Title: Staff Accountant

So, where did you go to school? THE Ohio State University  

Ohio State, eh? Who's your favorite player? Braxton Miller for all his given to the program on top of being a great player.

What's your vice to get you through the week? Cookies and Cream ice cream.  Specifically, UDF's Homemade brand. 

Where's the coolest place you've been? I lived in Curitiba, Brazil for 10 months. 

If you could live in a movie's reality, which would it be? Without question, James Bond.  In his recent movies, the Aston Martin DBS he drives around is my dream car.

Who's the one person (alive or not) who you'd like to grab a beer with? I'm going to break the rules and pick 2 people here --  George W. Bush  and Barack Obama.  The last two Presidents have gone through so much including a technological revolution, near economic collapse, and an ongoing  war crisis that I'm sure there would be lots to talk about.

The last book you read? Hard Work: A Life On and Off the Court by Roy Williams.  He is the basketball coach for the University of North Carolina and I'm a big Tar Heels basketball fan. I know I know, I went to Ohio State, but there is something about that Carolina blue that got me at a young age.

What's your favorite thing about being on the Upsourced Team? The most rewarding part of this role is communicating with our clients the importance of their financials.  When the small business owner and I are in sync, I can be confident that I'm helping them make better decisions that effects how they operate their business. 


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(Picture: Dusty and his wife went skydiving recently for his 28th birthday! Check out the awesome video here.)