Ryan Goes to XPAC

The Xero Parter Advisory Council met in San Francisco this month, and Ryan was right in the middle of it.

In San Fransisco, the most forward-thinking minds in the accounting field gathered to collaborate on ways to innovate and grow with Xero. Not only does Xero get some of their amazing partners (like their Gold Partner, Upsourced, *cough*) in one room for feedback, but the Xero's who are attending, like Ryan, get to see the product and new features first hand.

We love partnering with Xero because of their dedication to innovation and ability to meet the needs of forward-thinking firms like us. Plus, we get to stay completely up to date with trends and upgrades in the world of virtual accounting!

Here are Ryan's main takeaways after being at XPAC:

1. Xero continues to invest in US growth - The Xero team is extremely excited about the opportunity that exists to expand and service more small business owners and accountants in the US. We're happy to be a part of the movement.

2. Xero reports are being rebuilt - Reports can now be customized and formatted easier in Xero making it even easier to compare and review customized reports. This is a win-win for our firm and for our clients.

3) Indoor putt-putt exists in San Francisco - The Xero staff was gracious enough to show us that there is a bar in San Francisco with an indoor putt-putt course and it's everything you would expect it to be.

If you'd like to learn more about our services so you can be a part of innovative virtual accounting, contact us! We'd be happy to see how we can help you out. Read more about what XPAC is and why Xero hosts it!