Halloween: Why kids won't dress up as small business owners

"Hey buddy, what do you want to be for Halloween this year?" "A small business owner!"

"Hey buddy, what do you want to be for Halloween this year?"

"A small business owner!"


Not exactly the conversation that has been taking place in every American family home for the last month. Kids dream of being tigers, Superman, a princess, or a familiar TV character.

Kids don't really talk about wanting to dress up as a successfully independent and financially stable small business owner with positive cash flow and 5 employees. 

Here's why I don't think kids would ever consider dressing up as a small business owner for Halloween

1. It's not always "cool."

Sometimes you have to do boring and gritty work. But just because you didn't grow up to be a flashy Fairy Princess or a galaxy-saving Jedi, doesn't mean you're not making a huge impact or fulfilling your dreams. Being a small business owner is hard and takes the same amount of passion as Captain America has for the USA. And then there are those "cool" moments that make it all worth it--you get interviewed by media, get VC funding, or can afford to take your family on vacation. That makes all the long nights and grunt work worth it.

2. You don't have magic powers to fix your child's world.

You may be able to provide exemplary customer service, but you can't always overcome the evil villains or fly at lightspeed. Maybe your child wishes Superman were real so he can do these things in real life. But even though the Superman character your child is going trick-or-treating as saves the world regularly, you may be providing the world to your child. The hard work that goes into building a company so you can support your family and set your children up with a financially stable home--and potentially a college fund--is fulfilling the role of a superhero in their lives.

3. It's real.

Kids dress up as what they aspire to be. Growing up, kids want to be professional athletes, astronauts, firefighters, or movie stars. Beautifully, some of them will. And we need them. But we also need broadcasters who can run the cameras that follow athletes and film the movie stars. We need engineers who can develop the technology to send the astronauts into space and create fire-proof suits for firefighters. And we need small business owners to innovate, grow the economy, provide services, and meet the needs of our society. It's a real job, with a real weekday schedule, and a real set of responsibilities. It's not always super flashy, but it's crucial you're a part of our world. 

Next time you ask your child what they want to be for Halloween next year, know that they probably won't answer "a small business owner like you!" But remember that no matter their answer, you are a superhero for what you do, the passion you exude, and the hard work you put in.