The Roster: Your Team, Your Company

We’ve been talking about sports on the blog lately as we’re full swing into the football season. The connections between sports and entrepreneurship are endless and frankly, can get cheesy real quick. But sports are relatable, so we can learn to better understand our businesses if we think of them in the context of sports.

When you think of businesses off the top of your head, you think of the Google, Facebooks, or Apples of the world. These guys are the Patriots, Steelers, and Dallas Cowboys of the NFL world; the Buckeyes, Bamas, and Oregons of college football. But in reality, there are teams of all different sizes, playing styles, and make-ups.

The positions listed below should make up your team, but you have to choose wisely who you draft to ensure you’re going to ultimately come home with that championship ring.


Player: CEO, Owner, Founder

Position: The Coaches

Team Role: The one’s with the vision and who carry the team.


Player: Your service or product

Position: Starting QB

Team Role: The “money maker.” The QB dictates what happens during the game.


Player: Manager

Position: Runningback 

Team Role: Fewer plays, nor as many points. But they’ll take their time, carry the assignment like the ball, and control the clock to focus on the quality produced.


Player: Business Developer

Position: Spread offense

Team Role: Diverse roles that worry about scoring more points; no huddles, just pumping out ideas for the coaches to work with on all fronts.


Player: Website and SEO

Position: Branded Uniforms

Team Role: The same branding goes on koozies, polos, and gear… they get your name out there and ya need them.


Player: Marketing

Position: Receiver

Team Role: Kind of a diva, showy, and get’s a lot of attention.


Player: Accounting

Position: Offensive Linemen

Team Role: The offensive linemen are in the trenches and make sure everything’s clear for the team to run plays.


Player: Tax Services and filing

Position: Defensive Line

Team Role: Seizing opportunities to make big plays, big saves.


Player: Stockholders

Position: Fans

Team Role: Some are more invested than others. You’ve got season ticket holders and TV watchers.


Player: Upsourced Accounting

Position: That great assistant coach you hire to help take your team to a new level…

Team Role: That’s us! Find out how we can help. Look, we had to make a plug, okay?


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