Advanced Branding on Invoices - Xero Benefits

One of the benefits of being a cloud-based accounting provider is that we can be an active part of the virtual community and play in the world wide web. This includes being able to share and create content that can be accessible from anywhere and to leverage an affinity for technology to use add on's and apps to maximize the effects of our processes. 

Today we're highlighting our ability to brand digital invoices to maximize a company's presence online. Did you know you can customize your invoices in Xero to convey your brand and show social media links? Let's figure out how... 

Customizing standard brand invoicing templates is super easy but to fully customize an invoice, you should try using DocX Templates. 

To customize a DocX, we followed the instructions in this video from Xero's team and completely customized an Unsourced invoice from scratch.

We were able to add our social media links to all online invoices by updating our info under "general settings," adding in the links, then clicking to make them public. Now when we send an online invoice, links to our social media will appear as a way to engage our clients beyond the transaction taking place. 

Adding and updating our branding make our new invoices more personal. We recently overhauled our website and logo to have an updated look, so our invoices should match that vibe. Xero made it easy to follow instructions and upload the customized template. Now, our invoices reflect who we are as a company, not just appearing as stuffy, money-demanding notices. 

You work hard to maintain a presence online and to live out your brand day to day. So why not let your invoices help you do that? Let technology help you by logging into Xero and personalizing your invoices.

Do you need help setting up recurring invoices or an invoicing system? Just get in touch with us and we can help create a system that you can manage and feel in control of. Because that's what it's all about.