The 5 Benefits of CoWorking Spaces

Recently, there have been an influx of coworking spaces popping up in cities all over the county to accommodate the number of entrepreneurs taking the leap into the startup swimming pool. In Columbus, this is a great pool of people for us to tap into, because we believe we can help their tenants (the entrepreneurs) grow their businesses and take them to the next level. 

Industrious, a coworking space in Columbus, Ohio down the street from our office.

Industrious, a coworking space in Columbus, Ohio down the street from our office.

I have visited several of the local coworking spaces here in Columbus and have been in many around Cincinnati as well. Our remote employee even works at a desk at Connetic.venture in the Queen City. There are undoubtable benefits to working out of these spaces, and these are the top 5 benefits according to different sources. 

1. It's a community.

Coworking spaces have increased by 400% in the last two years according to Forbes and it's no wonder: no one wants to be isolated in a cubicle any more. The startup community is called just that--a community where founders, dreamers, and investors all come alongside each other to learn, collaborate, and help each other grow. Within a coworking space, networking gets you as far as your pitch can take you, connecting you with those people. And don't forget the successful alumni!

2. Contagious inspiration.

Innovation and hard work are baked into the walls. Just being surrounded by like-minded aspirers and hard workers in the same room can push you to be on the same level of enthusiasm, dedication, and eagerness to work. Work happens 24/7 for startups, but there is ample opportunity for fun in a coworking space too!

3. Accelerate your growth.

Working out of a coworking space can hit your company's metaphorical gas petal. You not only have access to amazing resources and content, but networks of people who are now at your fingertips. Need a small business lawyer? Accountant? Somebody will have a contact who can help you jump the next hurdle. Many accelerators also have strategic relationships with VC's and investors, putting you in a better position to get noticed.

4. It can be financial appropriate.

For many startups, a coworking space is more financially responsible for their current situation. Paying rent at a building where you are tied to a long-term lease can be confining and financially draining. If you need an office space, check out JLL. Otherwise, consider investing in a month-to-month desk in a local coworking space with resources that fit your business' needs. 

5. Impromptu collaboration.

Something's come up, and you need help? There will likely be a fellow entrepreneur in the space in either the same industry as you or who has experienced a similar issue. Just spin your chair around and start collaborating with the experienced people within the room. 


If you are a startup seeking a coworking space, let us know. We have several connections in Cincinnati and Columbus and would be happy to make an introduction. Also, consider shaping up your finances and letting us handle your books so you can handle growing your startup. We think your new board members and VC's will really appreciate our financial statements and up-to-date bookkeeping. Connect with us!