If Offensive Linemen Were Accountants

Cooler temperatures. Crisp nights. Men’s flannels and women’s boots. Fall is upon us, and with the best season of the year comes the beloved sport of Football. Fall is a time for team loyalty, obnoxious tailgates, and of course, wearing scarlet and gray every Friday in Columbus, Ohio. If you didn’t already realize, the entire city roots for The Ohio State Football team with an animalistic mentality and obsession.

All of this football buzz got us thinking: what if we thought about our accounting like the OSU offensive line, you know, Taylor Decker and the rest of the slobs up front. Stay with me here.

The offensive line is not glorious, and these players typically don’t get much attention or appear in too many headlines. They are battling in the trenches each game, working hard every play, and making the rest of the team's success possible. These are the guys blocking for the Running Back and Quarterback, allowing everyone else to make plays down the field. In other words, you can’t be a great team without a great offensive line. The same goes for your company’s accounting.

Just because you have good accounting, doesn’t mean you have a great company. But if you have a great company or product, you need great accounting

Take marketing. Marketing is like an elite receiver: showy, demands attention, and is not super involved in every aspect of the internal operations of the business. But without a good offensive line the quarterback wouldn’t have time to pass the ball to that marketing receiver. Without good accounting, you may not understand your finances and can’t budget for a killer marketing strategy.

Like accountants, the offensive line allows everyone else to shine and get the glory, and that works for them. The Buckeyes are almost embarrassingly stock loaded with talent, including their offensive linemen. Thus, Cardale and Braxton can do their thing in the spotlight, taking the team to a next level of success. They have a great team because they have great linemen.

Demarco Murray, of the Dallas Cowboys, had arguably the best offensive line in the league, which allowed him to run for the most yards in the NFL. People talk about Murray, not the offensive line. So naturally, he bought each of them a Segway. He couldn’t have reached such a level of success without them. He was protected by his offensive linemen and was able to focus on his plays, strategies, and throws.

Everything runs more smoothly when you can focus like that.

Accountants are smart, passionate team players ready to protect you and see you get a “W.” We want you to succeed, focus on your strategy, and perform to the best of your ability. This is why we exist—to be in the trenches for your company. You can even keep the accolades and front page headlines. Although, if you want to send us a Segway, we definitely won’t send it back.