It's LOVE! We have a crush on Gusto.


It's that time of year: when you show how much you appreciate those you love. And boy, do we love Gusto.

Not only are employee / employer taxes smoother because of their system, but the entire payroll process is better when you're in love with Gusto. 

Let's back it up, and introduce you to our current crush.

"Gusto: noun | (guhs-toh) great enjoyment, energy, and enthusiasm." Gusto is a payroll service with health benefits and workers' comp all rolled in to one beautifully easy to use online software. Since we're a virtual firm, we are drawn to other online tools that streamline old-fashioned and bogged down processes. These are some of our firm's main reasons why we're in love with Gusto:

1. Things are automated!

Once you get everything set up, your payroll can be put on auto-pilot and you hardly have to think twice about paying your employees. Plus, you know it's getting done right. Add on auto tax payment for your local, state, and federal taxes and you can break up with the old forms you hate filing. If something goes wrong and isn't functioning as effortlessly as possible, Gusto's support team is amazing and can help you fix your issues. 

2. You empower your employees!

As an employee who gets paid using Gusto, I love getting the fun emails announcing my paycheck. I can log in and see my pay stubs, sign up to automatically send part of my pay check to church and charity, and even get a birthday wish! Gusto allows your employees to self-onboard, taking that administrative burden off your plate and ensuring you don't mess up the spelling of a middle name.

3. It integrates so seamlessly!

If you know anything about us, you know we're a Xero loyal and Xero only firm. Gusto integrates with Xero and other popular online accounting tools. If you're in love already with your HR, expense management, or time tracking software, no problem! Gusto integrates with a bunch of them.

Our resident gusto guru at Upsourced, Jimmy Balough, knows the in's and out's of the software and onboarding clients to the platform. He says, "There are a few main reasons why I love Gusto, one of the biggest would have to be the design / user flow of the application. Gusto takes a historically old and non-transparent industry in HR/Payroll and has turned it on its head. They've given the power back to the small business owner and created a non-complicated. easy to use platform that's a win-win for everyone! Not to mention their customer service is phenomenal!"

So if you're not in love with your current payroll system, chat with us about how you can fall in love this Valentine's season with Gusto. We'd be happy to bring you into the love affair.