Tax season may be over, but we're not done

This year, April 18th ended with a soundtrack--the music featured every accountant around the country sighing, cracking open a beer, and closing their laptops. Tax season finally ended. Accountants can now have a social life, do things other than returns on the weekend, and come back to life. 

But for bookkeepers, the job is year round. Just because tax season is over, doesn't mean we can let the ball drop.

Accuracy and tidy financials aren't things we only care about leading up to filing your return during tax season. We work year round to ensure every penny is reconciled accurately and that each of our clients has monthly financials reflecting the most up-to-date look at their company's financial health. 

In order to do this, we use a software called Xero to perform accounting functions and to help us produce the financials. We have several dedicated accounts who act as account managers and interact directly with clients. Yes, a real person with an email address and phone number who you can reach out to if you need them. Crazy, eh?

Many companies approach us when tax season rolls around asking us to "clean up" their books and get them in order for taxes. By that time, it's too late. That's why we do this all year round. Not only do you get a more thorough overview of your company's financial health month to month (or day to day), but your taxes are easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Trust us, it's worth it to be conscious of bookkeeping and having accurate financials year round. Better yet, trust the clients we have who had to spend thousands to get out of the hole before we were able to help them. Now, they're grateful we keep a close eye on their finances!