Who are we targeting with our social media?


We say it often and we mean it: we love serving small businesses because we are one. We are actively growing alongside our clients. So as we launch new social media marketing strategies, we want to share them and see how our fellow small businesses strategize as well.

So where in the webs are we?

We have social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Linkedin. 

Who do we target with each platform?

Facebook: current clients and potential clients. This social media platform is great for engaging with our current clients as well as showing potential clients some social validation with the number of "likes" on our page!

Instagram: current clients, prospective clients, and peers. Visual media is incredibly effective and this platform allows you to push visual content with hashtags that spread your message with far reaches. Follow prospectives, spread your messaging, and double tap for the win.

Twitter: peers and collaborators. We find it's easiest to shoot quick tweets out at our peers and collaborators. We'll mention products and partners, as well as push links to insightful industry news and relative content.

Linkedin: peers and prospective clients. Linkedin is the most professional social media platform where many small business owners and startup founders are trying to gain contacts and partnerships. This is where we can connect with our peers and partners as well as becoming a contact for prospectives.

Google+: SEO purposes. Our Google+ page is updated and meant for SEO purposes. We can connect and add current clients to our "circles" but also rack up reviews and have some additional online presence to boost SEO.

Pinterest: SEO purposes. We also use Pinterest for SEO. By using posts from our Instagram account, we can add links to our website and add location pinning to our physical location. This is meant to help with SEO.

Have we ran any paid ads on these platforms?

We've only run one campaign on Facebook and are actively learning from paid ads. The goal is to raise social awareness via Facebook and rack up the "likes" so we can later push other paid advertisements on Twitter and Linkedin. We'll share what we learn as we go, and hope you'll do the same!


Share your social media strategies and learnings with us in the comments below! Collaboration amongst startups is a wonderful thing... so let's grow together.