Lessons and Reflections from Startup Week

Last week Columbus rallied behind an event that brought together startup founders, dreamers, and small business owners into a room to discuss struggles, successes, and the tips & tricks that make startups tick. We were there every day for a few hours and met as many people as we could while soaking up all the information our brains could hold.





On Monday, I legitimately mourned missing the food truck lunch featuring Hot Chicken Takeover. This small business has been growing explosively and it's no wonder they were featured throughout the week. 

Once I overcame my mistake in the food genre, I listed to a talk on marketing analytics called "Analytics: How to track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts." As an accounting firm, you're not really marketing something sexy, so marketing can be tough sometimes. So I definitely took advantage of the marketing talks on Monday. We even had a client in the audience who offered to give us a testimonial to drive traffic to our website and offer a "story" to tell potential new clients.

This talk led straight to "Content and influencer marketing" where I learned from experts in the field how to target marketing efforts, build true relationships with clients, and tips on how to frame and convey the story of what your business does for your customers.


Tuesday started off with "Transformative Bookkeeping for retailers" (which also applied to all small businesses) held by a local accounting firm. They offered some solid advice to startups and entrepreneurs starting businesses on the need for bookkeeping and the importance of keeping on top of your finances. Though, we may have a different take here and there, we definitely agree--outsourcing your bookkeeping as a small businesses can add value and time to the owners of said business. 


I was personally blown away by the women on the panel discussing "Perspectives on Women in Business." As a female, I was inspired and impressed by their past efforts, current endeavors, and continued dreams for the future. Women still face unique and numerous challenges in the business world, so it's awesome to see successful female founders spreading encouragement and wisdom to other women in the field. 

My only regret about Wednesday: I wish we could have made the "office chair yoga" session!


Thursday was loads of fun with the "Wellness workshop" featuring Planthropy making plants for our offices and desks. I ended up sitting next to a woman who was a client of ours whom I hadn't met in person yet. The networking at this event was awesome. Later, I caught parts of a talk where four hipsters literally talked on a panel about stuff. That was the actual title of their talk. So hipster.


An early start for Wakeup Startup was totally worth the lack of sleep. Wakeup Startup has been held in Columbus for a few years now and offers a platform for startups to share their stories and pitch to community members. 

I can't write this without sending "kudos" to the Vue's staff who always had food and breakfast laid out and Brioso Coffee Roasters for keeping me (many times over) caffeinated. Every day the food was a total bonus and gave everyone opportunities to talk, connect, and network!.

To wrap up this amazing week, I had a one-on-one Mentor Session with Geben's Heather Whaling to discuss the unique marketing challenges and aspirations of our accounting firm. I highly recommend not only Geben, but mentorship sessions with successful local opportunities whenever they're available! Lastly on my way out for the week, I caught snippets from our client, Ray Walker of Spoolee, talking on the "rise of the design-trepreneur" on another panel! 

All these moments combine to prove that Startup Week was a wild success this year in Columbus and I already can't wait to attend more events with all the talented entrepreneurs and small business owners that make the Columbus startup scene what it is. 

If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur in need of bookkeeping, payroll, or other accounting services to help grow your business, be sure to reach out and chat with us!