When to ask for help

It may not be a fire-y smoke signal in the shape of the letters "S O S," but sometimes a small business owner or startup founder realizes that they need help. But when do you need to ask for it instead of just powering through?



When you know what you don't know

And what you need is what you don't know. Don't assume that you're supposed to know everything. No one does! If you know you're not good with marketing, then you should consider reaching out to a friend or colleague in the marketing industry to bounce some ideas off of.

Before you cause damaging to the company

This one may seem obvious, but you could wind up causing damage to your company if you continue to make mistakes that could have repercussions on the business. So before you cause serious, long-term damage, let your pride take a short-term hit and allow yourself to admit you need to seek out some help.

When your mentors all see it and you don't

Mentorship is a beautiful tool for not only growing personally and professionally, but for building a business in the footsteps of those who have gone before you. If you don't have a mentor, seek out someone with some experience in the field you hope to excel in (whether that's on a personal level or professional!). Pick their brain for knowledge! As you both get to know each other, your mentor can help identify opportunities to grow, red flags to beware of, and potholes to avoid. Trust those who you've surrounded yourself with to pour solid wisdom and guidance into you and your endeavors. 

When you start resenting your work

The best example is bookkeeping for small business owners: no one wants to do it. If you're a PR guru, you want to focus on creating really great campaigns for clients. If you're a web developer, you want to focus on the code behind a gadget you're building. So when you're stuck attempting to understand and perform bookkeeping for more hours in a day than doing what you actually love, you could grow to resent your work. Don't let this happen. Better to outsource to someone like us so you can focus on your business and let us help you.


If you need help, feel free to reach out! We'll be in touch soon.