Summer Cruisin' and To Do's

Today is the first day of summer, yet the heat has been lingering for weeks. Summer brings sunshine, outdoor activities, and A/C units on high. It seems like time slows. With the fresh air comes fresh eyes; summer is a great opportunity to look at your business with fresh eyes.

First of all, you don't want to be stuck inside on weekends doing work when you could be spending time with your family. But during the work week you can take advantage of the slower tempo of business to tackle some of those big to-do's that you've been thinking of implementing all year. 

Maybe you need to implement a new CRM or workflow management tool? Maybe you've been meaning to overhaul a process that's been bottlenecking business? There's never a better time to approach problems with fresh and new solutions than during summer. 

Try this: take a step back think about your company. What issues did you come across during winter that you just didn't have the bandwidth and brain power to tackle? List out five small but meaningful "fixes" that you can tackle this summer that would streamline a process, make your job a little easier, or make your service or product a bit more efficient?

 Take in the sunshine, pump up your energy levels, and work hard.

Of course, if outsourcing your books to an accountant would help ease your load and keep you from being stuck inside all summer doing DIY bookkeeping, then contact us! Been meaning to straighten out your financials? Get set up on a payroll system? These are all great reasons to use Upsourced starting today.

Oh, don't forget to have plenty of summer fun.