Cloud Accounting and the Benefits For Small Business

Doing business online is becoming the norm for most small businesses. Instead of a file cabinet full of documents, there is Google Drive. Instead of a ledger full of scribbles and pen marks, there's online cloud accounting tools like Xero.

The cloud allows us to be innovative and leverage technology so we can be more efficient as a business and in our every day tasks. We advertise our accounting firm as a cloud-based firm.

What does this even mean?

Well, doing your accounting online means you have access to incredibly up-to-date technology that gives you access to your business data anytime, anywhere. The documents stored on your computer's hard drive, meet digital upgrade.

With the cloud, you can collaborate with a virtual accountant on the other side of the country. You can add integrations to your other online tools, such as your point of sales system, payroll tools, and bank accounts. You can access your balance sheet from your smart phone. And, you know your information is stored, protected by the most cutting edge online security the IT industry can provide.

There are still plenty of upgrades, improvements, and innovations to be discovered and developed for cloud-based applications. Yet as a small business owner, this is not unfamiliar territory. The ever-changing and ever-evolving nature of a growing business / industry is innate within an entrepreneur. It's being a part of the revolution and boom of cloud accounting and riding the wave of the once trend, now norm that brings the thrill. 

The world is changing and business is moving online. It makes sense that financial tools do as well. If you're not in the cloud now, it's time to read up and make some moves. You don't want to get left behind.

If you're interested in moving your finances online to a cloud-based accounting tool, contact us about our services and partnership with Xero.