Client Spotlight: Casamatic

Tell us about your business!?

Casamatic is artificial intelligence for real estate agents and their clients.  Our home matching algorithm finds the perfect homes for their buyers, shortening the agents' sales cycles.

Can I download the app?

Real estate agents can sign up to learn more at!

When did you realize you needed help with the financial side of your business?

As soon as we closed our seed funding.  Once we started doing more than a handful of transactions a month, we needed someone to actually manage and make sense of everything.

What’s the most important thing you try to understand about your startup’s finances?

How much money is coming in and how much money is going out!

How has Upsourced helped your business?  

I love the approach of Upsourced, in that they're there when I need them and they kind of just work their magic behind the scenes the rest of the time.  I just know that everything on the accounting side of things is being taken care of and everything is up to date and ready whenever I need it.

What advice would you give an entrepreneur who’s launching their own business?

Focus on customer research, and once the MVP is out there, customer feedback.  If you don't know who your customer is and you aren't solving a real problem, you don't have a business.

Bonus question: Where’s your favorite spot in Cincinnati to grab a coffee? What do you get?

Collective Espresso.  They have a drink called "espresso lemonade" which is espresso... and lemonade.  It doesn't sound very good, but it's incredibly refreshing on a hot day.  So so good.