Company Book Club: The Happiness Advantage

We read a book. 

It was good.

We learned a lot.

Our team read The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor last quarter and we gathered to discuss our thoughts in a very classic way: over Fox in the Snow lattes, cappuccinos, and baked goods (they're delicious). 

The author lays out seven principles to achieving happiness, which he argues leads to a better work ethic and successful career. Here's the gist of our top favorites:

  1. The Zorro Circle: narrow your focus, eliminate emotions, and regain control by focusing on one manageable, small task that you can complete well before moving on to bigger tasks. 
  2. Falling Up: In stressful situations of conflict or defeat, you can train your brain to focus on a path of thinking that leads up, to a more positive and more successful outcome. 
  3. The Fulcrum and Lever: How you react or experience a situation is based on your mindset, so having a positive mindset can lead to more positive experiences and power to be more fulfilled.

But what does it mean for us in action? We plan to implement some of these strategies within our company to promote happiness and ultimately growth--both as a company and personally/professionally. 

Upsourced is a tight-knit team and we want to specifically put these principles into action by beginning to acknowledging our strengths, successes, and embolden each other to constantly do our best. In light of our recurring, weekly team meetings, we're going to start taking the opportunity to acknowledge each other for small or large victories from the past week at the end of each meeting. 

We also hope to align ourselves with the aforementioned principles so that we become the kind of company and individuals that genuinely draw people (and businesses) to us because of our mindset, approach, and [can I say the word "vibe"?].

It is our sincere hope that our positivity becomes contagious and our workplace becomes a collaborative, joyful space where we--and our clients--flourish. How are you tackling Happiness in your workplace or life? Feel free to leave comments below.

Cheers, friends!